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January 22, 2012

Distinction Magazine - Fall.Winter 2011 - Food


Another photo from the Fall 2011 Distinction Magazine issue shoots; this one for the "Side Dish" section featuring food, people and interiors of three North Carolina OBX restaurants. The five-page story was written by Dana Staves with layout by Distinction's creative director EJ Troudt. This image is a pan-roasted duck breast entree at Ocean Boulevard Restaurant in Kitty Hawk.

January 21, 2012

Distinction Magazine - Fall.Winter 2011 - In Design


Have been doing some work for Distinction Magazine, an elegant two-year-old local/regional quarterly created by the Virginian-Pilot newspaper and startup artist/photographer/agency owner Mark Atkinson. Something along the lines of Garden & Gun magazine. This image is one from the Fall 2011 issue's "In Design" section, a home designed by the BCF ad agency's ceo, Art Webb with help from architect Gerrie West. The six-page spread was designed by Distinction's creative director Jennifer Fenner around the story by Caroline Luzzatto and this and nine other interior/exterior photographs selected from the photo shoot.

January 18, 2012

Light Rail - Norfolk, VA - The Tide


One of my clients is only steps away from a light rail stop in Norfolk and wanted some not-too-literal images of the train for display and promotional uses.

January 17, 2012

Using up old 35mm film stock


If you've ever wondered about what to do with old film stock, here's one solution. Friend Chuck Guthrie came up with several rolls and we put it to work in the studio one day week before last.

January 16, 2012

Andros Bahamas Conch Sound Blue Hole - Brian Kakuk


I was on Andros, the largest of the Bahamas islands doing a story for one of the dive magazines and met an underwater blue hole explorer, Brian Kakuk. We went to the Conch Sound Blue Hole so I could get some photos of Brian for the story. Here, he's getting ready for the dive. I went into the hole as far as my cavern training would allow doing the underwater images. Brian did his exploration and I waited at the surface; we cleaned up and made our way back to the Small Bay Hope Lodge.

We stayed in touch and Brian led another friend, Wes Skiles, into some of the Bahamas Blue holes for a stunning National Geographic cover story in the August 2010 issue.

January 6, 2012

Barry Price Hanging In There


The same day as the canine talent gassed model/actor Kera O'Bryon, model/actor Barry Price was hanging from the studio rigging.

Another in the ad series for Sorrentino-Mariani Furniture with Art Director, Larry Peak.

If you think you've seen Kera and Barry in the movies, you have. Do an online search for either and see their motion picture credits. On top of that, they're both great people to work with.

January 3, 2012

Sherry Smith and the SCUBAPRO Hangtag


Here's an image of Sherry Smith diving in the Bahamas from MV Sea Fever. There's a whole series of these silhouettes with Sherry in all SCUBAPRO gear (freediving and on scuba). This frame has been used on tens of thousands of hangtags affixed to practically every SCUBAPRO product for the past six years or so. Ah, but things change every so often, so we're starting to see them cycle out. Adieu Sherry.

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