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May 31, 2015

iFly Adventure at Virginia Beach Oceanfront



Flying yesterday, but different. At iFly Virginia Beach with the St Mary's Home For Disabled Children staff and kids. Such a treat to see the kid's faces flying for the first time. Everyone got a Certificate.

May 30, 2015

Chesapeake Bay Diving - New Dive Shop at Hilltop in Virginia Beach


At grand opening last night of Chesapeake Bay Diving - VB, the new dive shop in the Hilltop facility vacated by retiring Dive Quarters. Big crowd with lots of familiar faces. Malena Sharkey gave a brief welcome talk, then lots of mingling. Mermaids Amanda Kaiser, Nicole Carter and Ashley Soltis tested their tails in the 15' deep end of the pool in an after-hours session. Nice to see friendly competitors Lindsey Hillier Hotchkiss and Scott Hotchkiss owners of Lynnhaven Dive Center / LDC attending. Congratulations to Malena, Bob, Mike and John on the new venture.

May 28, 2015

Cape Charles on the Virginian Eastern Shore


Photo taken by Joy Tatem Haycox

Dave Haycox now certified Inspire 1 drone "Catcher".....necessary landing technique in small boat in 10mph+ winds.


With winds exceeding 10mph, we opted to move some takeoffs and landings from the boat to a sandbar that was exposed at low tide. Kit for wet and sandy is a piece of sailcloth with plastic grommets and four small lightweight tent stakes. Location near Cheriton and Cape Charles on the Virginia Eastern Shore.

May 22, 2015

Cavalier Hotel (New); Gone


Cavalier Hotel on the oceanfront, Virginia Beach 5/22/15, the tower soon to be leveled to the ground. This frame looking north, wide view aerial from uAV/uAS (drone). At end of afternoon, had gathered another 25 still frames and 10 minutes of HiDef (1080p) video. Several helicopters plying the area, but I stayed 2-150'; well out of their way. Man in a construction truck was leery of me flying in the area. Told him I'd been doing it for six weeks recording the historic work and have been in the good graces of the demolition crew. Just a few more days and the process will be captured.


5/23/14 1:04PM 40m (about 120' altitude)


5/23/15 2:08PM 20m (about 60' altitude)
Tower pulled down at 1:50PM in a giant cloud of dust. Demolition super Andy has a wire from his front-end loader to an upper point of the tower, backs up and pulls it down. Now to move forward with site cleanup.

May 21, 2015

Creative Day with Model Nicole Carter


Model: Nicole Carter
Photographer: Chris Crumley
MUA: Cassie Shepard
Location: Lakeside Studio, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Cart: Found Objects at Details Interior Design


Model: Nicole Carter
Photographer: Chris Crumley
MUA: Cassie Shepard
Location: Lakeside Studio, Virginia Beach, Virginia

May 19, 2015

More Cavalier Hotel (New) Demolition


Virginia Beach, VA Cavalier Hotel Demolition as of 5/19/15, this frame from 14m (about 40' altitude). A lot of activity today with wind moving dust; coating the leading edge of the drone props and coating everything on and near the north side of the property. I was flying close, so have a significant aircraft cleanup job. Today, like other days recording this process, captured 35 still images and 16 minutes of HiDef video. Altitudes of 2-150' for varied angles.

May 18, 2015

Cavalier Hotel (New) Demolition


Virginia Beach, VA Cavalier Hotel Demolition as of 5/18/15. Interesting to note the ramp near the bottom right corner leading to underground parking, then note the underground parking area with its ceiling gone back to the pool and hot tub on the north (left) side of the building. From drone looking south east from 13m (about 40') altitude.


Virginia Beach, VA Cavalier Hotel Demolition as of 5/18/15 from 42m (about 125' altitude).

May 17, 2015

Almost Water Ready



Lakeside pool is nearly open. Water is 84F going toward 88F working temp. AB RIB getting closer to launch. Wondering about drone takeoff and landing from small pad; I can do it with no wind, but hand catch might be safer. :)

May 13, 2015

Droning in Duck, NC


Need to spend more time on this stretch of off-road sand starting in Duck, NC and going north to the Virginia border. This day last week with Chuck Guthrie and Davis Sarrett in Davis' Jeep. DJI Inspire 1 aerial.

Summer is Coming



Things are changing fast. Yesterday was 88F. Pool is on-line, clear and temp coming up. Nice mornings at oceanfront. AB RIB got a new trailer for Eastern Shore exploration. DJI Phantom 3 coming soon to back up Inspire 1.

May 6, 2015

4:15AM Wakeup


Second morning this week with 4:15AM wakeup to be on location pre-dawn. Today was 78th St Virginia Beach with my fat wheel cart hauling the photo gear. Model was early and we got the images.

May 4, 2015

Corolla Lighthouse, Corolla, Outer Bank, NC


Corolla Lighthouse, Corolla, NC on the NC Outer Banks at dusk last night with DJI Inspire 1. About 85' looking east toward Atlantic Ocean. With Chuck Guthrie and Davis Sarrett

Bodie Island Lighthouse, Outer Banks, NC


North Carolina Outer Banks, Bodie Island Lighthouse at 6:25AM this morning from 67.4 meter altitude (about 200'). 4:15AM wakeup for 5:15 call time to drive from Duck to Bodie Island in time for sunrise. With co-conspirators Chuck Guthrie and Davis Sarrett.

May 1, 2015

Ever Feel Like You're Drowning in Photoshop Layers?


Help! When doing edit/retouching work in Photoshop layers, does anyone know the difference between rolling up a group of layers using shortcut Shift+Option+Command+N+E versus the same string of keys but without the N?

Massage Soon Come....


Palau Pacific Resort Spa, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia

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