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June 28, 2015

Looking back, from last August


An image from an underwater session last August.
Model: Kristi Sherk
Mesh Fashion: Chez Kevito
Location: Lakeside Studio Pool



Shooting some picture elements for a composite image I have in mind. This session with some Kiwis. Also, multitasking... shooting both Canon EOS-5S (50 MPix) and Hasselblad H2/39CFH (39 MPix) to compare. This frame from the Hasselblad.


Another of the kiwis was green. This one with the Canon.

June 20, 2015



Chuck Guthrie and I were neighbors at one point in our lives....always getting in some kind of low grade trouble. One day we talked Debbie Mills into modeling for us and stood her on the boom of Chuck's NACRA. He hiked it up and I ran alongside in a Zodiac inflatable with a camera. Not much has changed. Except maybe presence and color of our hair.

June 19, 2015

Ever Feel Like This?


June 17, 2015

Testing New Canon 5Ds


First photos from Canon EOS-5DS. 500mm f4 at f4, dusk, ISO 1250 (noisy). Uploaded 20 CR2 from 64GB SD in about 10 secs. LR 6.0 processes the CR2 just fine. Will shoot dry tomorrow; then underwater Friday with Carla Jean Brooks.

June 15, 2015

Back Ink


Model: Nicole Carter
Photographer: Chris Crumley
Location: Lakeside Studio Pool, Va Beach Va
Tattoo: Sean Sweeney Ramirez

June 12, 2015

Red Ring in Studio


Model: Gina Long
Location: Lakeside Studio, Virginia Beach, VA

June 11, 2015

Creative Underwater Night Silhouettes


Always enjoy working with Hannah Burgess; heres a frame from Monday night.

Model: Mermaid Hannah Burgess- Nova Sirène the Virginia Mermaid
Lighting: Keldan UW Movie Light
Location: Lakeside Studio Pool -- with Hannah J Burgess and Mermaid Hannah Burgess- Nova Sirène the Virginia Mermaid.


The underside of water has some magic properties and I use it to reflect underwater subjects; an abstract mirror of sorts. Also, it changes light depending on if it's wavy or still. Here it was wavy.

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