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March 12, 2017

DJI M600/RoninMX/Sony a7RII

Necessity - The Mother of Invention. I fly near or on sand with the Atlantic Ocean three blocks from here. The M600/RoninMX/Sony a7RII is a bear to hand carry and it's nice to have a takeoff/landing platform elevated from sand and dirt. A piece of triple thick wall cardboard and some bungee cords solved the problem. Hales Parcells, David Haycox, Joy Tatem Haycox, Chuck Guthrie, Becky Rebecca Talton Bump, Stefanie Becker, Curtis Boggs, Ralph Rigdon and others will understand. Also, New Yorker Jonathan Atkin (shipshooter.com) will appreciate it shortly. We'll paint it as soon as the weather warms up. -- in Virginia Beach, Virginia.




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