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November 17, 2017

Bonaire Wet Cave

The 55' (18m) descent into the Bonaire Wet Cave (Cave#2) was difficult with the gear we wanted. Robert Minnick and I split the load. He carried his housed Canon 5d with a 16nn and I schlepped the Keldan 8m lights. We also used Ashley Hare's housed Canon DSLR. Next session here we'll be much better prepared. If anyone is thinking about doing this, get in touch and I'll save you some guessing about what you'll need. If you're missing one piece, you're toast.
Model: Celine Van de Voorde (Brussels, Belgium) -- with Reef Photo & Video and Keldan Lights.




Bonaire Mermaids

Dinner last night was on the Bonaire waterfront at Kariel's overwater restaurant. After eating, two mermaids dropped into the water and appeared right below our table. Fortunately, no sharks were feeding on table scraps.

Mermaids: Cydney Tolbert (Denver, CO)
Mermaid: Celine Van de Voorde (Brussels, Belgium) -- with Cydney Tolbert and Celine Van de Voorde.


November 16, 2017

iPhone Fan

Chuck Guthrie, Marty Snyderman, Christopher Chandler and others have been helpful in de-crypting the Bonaire rules regarding drone use on-island. There are varied points of view. Bonaire aeronautics, Bonaire dive operators whose guests have crashed their docks, Bonaire residents who don't want a drone flying over their propterty, National Park officials who don't want the resident flamingo population disturbed, etc.. Serious photographers who abide by some strict but logical rules from the U.S. FAA to artistically capture the island from somewhat elevated, safe and non-obtrusive perspectives are relegated to something like this..... a Drone Phone. Funny, but UnSat.


Hidden Message

This is one of those photos with a subtle (maybe somewhat hidden) message. Sorry. If it's not obvious, at least it's loaded with color.


Cavern in Bonaire

Today, a six-minute drive north of Buddy Dive Resort we're a 5-minute bush trek to the entrance to the Water Cave, Cave#2. We're going first into the cavern area (this photo), then into the cave sections (pure black without lights). Our guide is indispensable to get down 55' underground (18m) to Cave#2 (the wet cave). Derek knows the route and brings the necessary lights, climbing ladder and rope. Here, Malena Sharkey, Robert Minnick and our guide Derek start downward. We lit the cave for photography with a pair of Keldan 8M video lights from Reef Photo Video. -- with Malena Sharkey and Robert Minnick.


November 15, 2017

Flamingo Fun

We're doing serious work here on Bonaire this week but there are moments of frivolity. Here Mermaid Celine on Malena Sharkey's flamingo at Boca Slagbaai in the park.

Photographer: Malena Sharkey -- with Celine Van de Voorde.


Mermaid in Bonaire

Hours upon hours of Bonaire's brutal rough washed-out rutted dirt roads in Slagbaai National Park to get to/from Mayata II mini cliff and beach site.

Complaining?: No. Worth it?: Yes.

Mermaid: Celine Van de Voorde, Brussels, Belgium


November 13, 2017

Sign Post in Bonaire

Distance to VaBch: 1,768 miles due North
Distance to Brussels: 4,812 miles
Distance to Denver: 2,933 miles
Distance to Caracas, Venezuela: 150
Water Temp: 84F
Weather: 85F light breeze, sunny with white puffy clouds
UW Vis: Clear
UW Attire: Board Shorts, rash guard and vest
Lodging: Buddy Dive Resort (main dive boss Augusto)
Van Condition: Rusted Out Standard Shift
Mermaids From: Brussels, Belgium, Denver, Colorado and Portsmouth, Virginia
Unread eMails: Lots
Must be Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherland Antillies

Complaints: None -- with Malena Sharkey, Robert Minnick, Cydney Tolbert, Ashley Hare and Celine Van de Voorde.


November 8, 2017

Platinum/Palladium printing by Chuck Jones

BODYART dancer Stephanie Mas in Lakeside Studio, Virginia Beach. Platinum/Palladium printing by Chuck Jones, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 11x15 inch, deckle edge textured paper.

Signature shown is not on print; it's there because it needs to be for social media posting where all metadata is stripped from files.


BODYART dance company in Coe Hall, a mansion outside NYC. Platinum/Palladium printing by Chuck Jones, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 11x15 inch, deckle edge textured paper.

I'll tag dancers when Adobe straightens out the mess it's created with the new version of Lightroom CC Classic.


November 4, 2017

Drone Testing Over Crystal Lake

Test shot over Crystal Lake, Virginia Beach. There's no end to updates needed for the drone Apps and Firmware to stay current and always need a test flight before flying for something important. Crystal Lake is handy for me.


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