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January 11, 2018

Hot Tub Mermaid in the Snow

It took a few years to pull together all the pieces in the same timeframe to make this image happen.... snow, working hot tub in an open space, good light, gutsy mermaid and an aerial camera rig.

Contributors to this shoot January 7, 2018 were:

Model: Nicole (Carter) Mangune (Mermaid Ariana)
Assisting: Christopher Reyes Mangune
Assisting: Gerry Navarrete
Hot tub: Dr Richard and Chris Abriss
Location: Virginia Beach, VA, During 2018 Bomb Cyclone
Air Temp: 18°F
Water Temp: 97°F -- with Nicole Mangune.


January 7, 2018

Aerial of Crystal Lake Neighborhood in the Snow

Yesterday and today VaBch temps in the teens (fahrenheit) but skies are clear after the "Bomb Cyclone/Blizzard" of 2018. Windy/gusty, but the iBird handled it well looking down at the snow-covered neighborhood. Lakeside Avenue runs into the bottom center of the image. 53rd St runs from the right side toward the ocean. 54th St runs into the orange silt fence just above center left. Wyndam Hotel at top left at 58th and Atlantic/Oceanfront.

Today shooting mermaid in in-ground hot tub surrounded by 10 inches of snow. More about that later.

Tech: DJI Inspire 2, X7 gimbal/camera (Super 35 format), 16mm 2.8 at 250' AGL. Video to 240GB SSD recording Ultra HD (3840x2160 pixels) with Apple ProRes.


Snow Bench

Snow...watch for the beauty and art of it


January 4, 2018

2017 Bomb Cyclone Snow Storm

Crystal Lake. Tide fairly high.


Cars are covered, but thankfully, not with 4-6 feet of snow on and beside them.


Pair of GMC snow lumps


Picnic lunches postponed until warmer weather.


Japanese Maple and very old oak in the snow.



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