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July 23, 2007

First Assistant Weapons

First Assistant Christina experiences all kinds of unusual things as we work on projects. Week before last it was golf carts, boats and tall ladders. Not long ago, we were left on a deserted island on the Cay Sal Bank off Cuba with a 9mm and radio in case Caribbean pirates showed. Today, after we wrapped a shoot of Generation III Extreme Cold Weather Clothing for a military Prime Vendor, the male model and weapons specialist moved the helmet, night vision goggles and M4 to Christina for a final crew shot.

July 15, 2007

Carla and the Tail; Again

I was underwater with Carla and the tail again last Friday. If you've ever done a casting for an underwater model, particularly one who can be underwater and look as comfortable as they are in air, you'll be amazed with Carla. Watch for her in one of my new portfolios....


July 13, 2007

Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes IV

Standing on two apple boxes is about as dangerous as being on a 16' ladder strapped to a boat.

July 12, 2007

Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes III

Ladder boat rafted to sailboat with models; marina in background. Get the picture?

July 8, 2007

Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes II

Dockmaster Eddie Bateman and I prep a work boat for a boat-to-boat session shooting from an elevated position (Mom, don't worry; boats will be rafted together in calm water).

July 7, 2007

Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes

Our crew of 7-10 had three days of 4AM calls last week shooting in a North Carolina Golfing/Boating Community. Here, we're shooting models in a golf cart on a bridge between the tee and the green. Another golfing couple are in the scene on the tee in the background left. One of two gear carts with ladders on the roof and a load of gear on the cart gave us the look of the Beverly Hillbillies. YeeHaww.

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