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August 29, 2008

Java Surf Cafe Lunch; Russian J-1 visa-holder, Katya


Today's lunch was at the Java Surf Cafe (Virginia Beach), also a Seattle's Best coffee shop. Nothing fancy; a BLT and a latte.

Russian J-1 visa-holder, Katya, made my sandwich and sat at a table that was in the Pepsi cooler door reflection. The J-1 visa-holders are about a thousand young men and women (mostly women I think) from Russia, the Ukraine and other eastern European countries who come to Virginia Beach for the summer and work tourist industry jobs.

August 28, 2008

Comic Improv Personality, Lisa Cafiero


Yesterday we shot comic improv personality, Lisa Cafiero, while she was on the right coast visiting from the left coast. She's attractive, bright, quick, has a good eye and is easy to work with.

August 26, 2008

Fishnet Stockings and Summer Sherman


This picture was done a while ago, but it fits the underwater theme. It's hard to take a bad picture of Summer Sherman, even underwater. Also, every time we use fishnet stockings in the wet environment, it looks like they were made for it.

August 10, 2008

Trash The Dress; Virginie Leplus style


"Trash The Dress" is popular in the current wedding culture. Sometime after the ceremony, the bride and dress gets dunked or subjected to some other good-natured indignity.

I'm not a wedding photographer, but Viv found the dress in the wardrobe closet of the studio and we decided to shoot her in it underwater after the mermaid scene. This particular dress was a leftover from an ad shoot in the Red Sea and before that was in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" (according to the creative director).

August 4, 2008

Mermaid in the Shower


Virginie Leplus, a Miami-based model, flew in for a multi-day session of mermaid tail training and some dry projects. This behind-the-scenes photo is from one session. Viv is scuba certified, so could safely work underwater in the shower for extended periods breathing from a tank of air behind the shower. In post production, we'll remove the air hose and replace the grid light on her face with a shower head and "water" stream.

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