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August 31, 2009

Hawaiian Pork BBQ


I missed some things growing up... Woodstock, LSD and most other mind-altering drugs, routine unmarried co-habitation, surfing and Hawaiian Pork BBQ. I saw this surfboard sign at the ECSC (East Coast Surfing Championships) in Virginia Beach this past weekend. I'm guessing Hawaiian Pork BBQ and surfing are connected.

Now I'm curious about it. Gotta find some of the BBQ.

August 25, 2009

Tubular Fabric Fashion and Dance


Last Friday afternoon was tubular fabric fashion and dance experimentation time. The morning had been a peanut packaging shoot; so this provided some contrast. I found this fabric in Michigan last week; a soft stretchy tubular piece of fabric about ten feet long. It goes into about any shape desired. Just get inside and start moving and stretching it.

The background is two full CTO gels on a single head in the cyc corner; the model is hard lit from the left side with a single head with about a 20 degree grid.

This is just one frame; there are another half dozen worthy of some post work. Now you probably want to see the peanuts....

August 22, 2009

Leaning Back In My Seat


Lately, when I lean back in my seat, I see a lot of these.

August 15, 2009



Sometimes on island locations shooting with no pressure, we might look for a on-island model. We refer to it as "street casting."

I was sitting around a table having drinks with a group of scuba divers and we got on the subject of street casting. One of the group was a nice looking 19-year-old on his first trip with the otherwise grizzled group and the group was looking for things to make the young guy feel a part.

One diver thought the young guy might be helpful if any street casting were to be done; he might attract a young potential model.

He got a nickname then and there and it stuck. Here's "Bait" surveying the waterfront and a small beach under the pedestrian bridge.

August 14, 2009

Missle Launchers by SeaDoo?


Geez, don't let anyone from TSA see this, they'll come up with some new ruling and confiscate the dock (can you tell I'm spending a lot of time in airports these days?).

These are a new breed of miniature underwater scooters by SeaDoo on the dock across the street from my cabana room at the Casa Del Mar Hotel, Cozumel. With a heavy cruise ship traffic, the "fun in the sun" vendors on the island have a huge array of offerings to the thousands of cruise shippers who want to get off the boat and play a day.

This batch of scooters (aka DPV; diver propulsion vehicles) were destined for a boat loaded with snorkelers. Can't you imagine turning a bunch of people in life jackets loose around a reef with these? Holy Moly Batman!

August 12, 2009

Cozumel Underwater; Amy Guthrie


I was diving with Chuck, Paul and Amy Guthrie earlier this week and Amy did a few photo setups on one of the dives. She's a natural underwater model.

August 11, 2009

Liking The Clouds


I'm liking the sky and clouds today. Not exactly "dramatic" unless you are of the "half full" mentality.

August 10, 2009

Shark Cavern in Mexico


This 6-7' nurse shark was sleeping this morning in a cavern in about 45 feet of water on the Palencar Bricks divesite in Cozumel, Mexico. I inched into the cavern slowly so as not to disturb him/her, probably a little more than my body and fins length. It's hard to tell when they'll wake up, so I was shooting as I went along until I was this distance, about 2 feet away. The shark was pretty tolerant of me being there and only moved 3 feet or so after a long while.

I'm usually calm, approach slowly, easily, breathing slowly and evenly and the animals often don't get in a panic and leave.

I like it like that.

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