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May 21, 2010

Australia - Ribbon Reef #3 on Great Barrier Reef


Week before last, was on the liveaboard dive boat Spirit of Freedom diving on Ribbon Reef #3 in the Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia not far from Cairns. This soft coral and crinoid were perched on the reef outcropping.

May 10, 2010

Australia - Ancient Loggerhead Turtle


A few days ago I was underwater at Cod Hole, an underwater gathering place for a lot of large potato cod off the northeast corner of Australia. Watching the cod gather around some divers, I felt a "clang" on my tank and thought another diver had run into me. A second later it became evident it wasn't another diver, it was this very large and very old loggerhead turtle. Chuck Guthrie saw the "bump" and clicked this picture.

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