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February 22, 2011

Bathtub Mermaid Indoors


We're indoors since there's no pool cover and heated water in the winter, trying a picture design for a clawfoot tub underwater. Here's the design sketch with a different tub: https://blog.chriscrumley.com/BlogBook/202.
Model is Bonika Amarasinghe.

The clawfoot tub is in the studio and ready to go now. It's a beauty; on loan from Ferguson Enterprises.

February 17, 2011

Baker's Crust Soup & Half Sandwich


This is image# 110210-2008 taken February 10, at a Thursday lunch before my diet changed on Sunday. I'm suspended from this for some unknown period while I work on taming the schrew that is moving my body curves and weight in the wrong direction. I'm going to miss this tomato & cheese soup, "Manhattan" sandwich on rye with pastrami oozing Baker's Crust house dressing, pickle, roll and half sweet/half regular iced tea.

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