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September 24, 2011

Cupid and Psyche; the awakening kiss


Every time I'm in The Lourvre in Paris I find my way to this late 1700's sculpture by Italian Antonio CANOVA depicting Cupid and Psyche. According to the myth, Cupid, son of VENUS, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, was sent to harass mortal Psyche because Venus was jealous of Psyche's beauty. But, Cupid fell in love with Psyche which made the goddess even more angry so she cast a spell upon Psyche causing her to fall into a deep sleep. CANOVAS' sculpture depicts Cupid's kiss which had the power to awaken Psyche.

You'll notice both Cupid and Psyche are nude, but most people ignore that and focus on the beauty, light and form and marvel at the skill of the sculpture's creation from a single piece of marble.

Oh, and, if the awakening kiss stirs memories from your childhood, you'll be interested in knowing this piece of mythology became the impetus for the story of Sleeping Beauty.

September 21, 2011

Alexandra Freeman and the Victoria & Albert Tub


Victoria & Albert shipped a new tub and we put Alexandra Freeman in it at Chuck Guthrie's Lynnhaven Marine Boatel Reflection Pool. This tub is a Roxburgh model and has a similar profile as the Classic European Slipper model we had before. Next stop for the tub is underwater. Alex is back in Las Vegas now.

Interesting to note that yesterday's matrix photo was also on FaceBook and my account was suspended during the night. FB doesn't explain it; they just do what they do. So, today I'm getting mystery voicemails from the "FaceBook Police" and email opinions of FaceBook censor operations. I'll just let this play out before making any comments.

September 20, 2011

Alexandra Freeman in the Matrix


Alexandra Freeman was here for several days last week working on a number of projects with me. She's a very talented young woman - dances in the Jubilee Company in Las Vegas, does Lady Gaga routines on stage and is a budding MerPerson.

As a side project, we did a series of abstract images of her on the white cyc and composited them for a poster and some other things. This is one of the composites with a costuming variety.

September 4, 2011

Mermaid Melanie McDaniel - Virginia Beach


California transplant to Virginia Beach Melanie McDaniel has been working with me on a couple of projects. Here, she's in the Eric Ducharme "Goldfish" tail on Virginia Beach at 78th Street.

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