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May 31, 2012

Vintage Hat Project - Back to Live Models


After the museum captures using vintage head forms, Chuck Guthrie and I are back to sessions with live models with the non-museum part of the vintage hat collection photography.

This is an off-white velvet cocktail hat with a small front brim with a pink rose and feathers on the front. The back has a decorative white wire leaf design. It came from Marshall Field & Company, a large department store in Chicago which later became Macy's.

Model: Rachel Faulkner
MUA: Theresa Little
Custom Painted Background: Veronica Dana

More Red Ring Over Reflection Pool


Like shooting a celebrity or vip, we only have a limited amount of time to shoot the reflection pool. The pool set has to be built and rigged after working hours, weather must be warm and dark and we must completely break the set afterwards so it's clear and clean for the next work day.

But, while we have it, it's a great site.

Here's Kristi Sherk with 5 yards of red satin fabric in the red ring.

Model: Kristi Sherk, Washington, DC area
MUA: Kim Reyes, Washington, DC area
Red Ring: Robert Minnick/Malena Sharkey, Portsmouth, VA
Location: Lynnhaven Marine Boatel, Virginia Beach

May 29, 2012

Red Ring in the Reflection Pool


Melissa Kuhlman and the red ring in the reflection pool last week.

Makeup: Kim Reyes, Washington, DC
Red Ring: Robert Minnick/Malena Sharkey; Way Beyond Productions, Portsmouth, VA
Location: Lynnhaven Marine Boatel, Virginia Beach

Underwater Fashion or Abstract?


Kristi Sherk and I were doing some things underwater last week and ended the session with a late afternoon backlight for this shot.

Makeup and styling by Kim Reyes, Washington, DC.

May 22, 2012

Mermaid Cover - Brazil Publisher


Here's the Brazil publisher's cover of Carolyn Turgeon's book, Mermaid.

Model: Christina Macfarlane
Location: Shallow Water off Cozumel, Mexico

May 21, 2012

Monster Truck Weekend - Virginia Beach


Young Jaylyn in her Mother's Day dress and pink sunglasses was one of the many children posing for pictures on the running board of the Monster Fire Truck on Mother's Day Weekend along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

(photo and posted here with mother Jaclyn's permission)

Master Firefighter, Justin H. Moss, was the truck's presenter. Justin's father, Don Moss, also a Virginia Beach firefighter, acquired the fire truck when it was nearly 50-years-old from a North Carolina fire department and guided the restoration and conversion to Monster Truck starting in 1993. The truck, big and loud, is used for educational purposes and sees parade duty (not towed - driven big and loud) and is on display at shows like the Boardwalk Show. Nice.

May 16, 2012

Monster Truck Weekend - Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach's oceanfront Monster Truck event last weekend put itself right in my bike path along the boardwalk. I was carrying the Nikon D800 and shot some frames of the 1944 Seagrave fire truck-turned-monster truck in 1993 by VaBch fireman Don Moss. You can probably imagine its appeal to the spectators. Huge. Particularly to children.

May 14, 2012

Mermaid Book Cover - Brazil


Another Mermaid book cover is working; this one in Brazil. I don't have the design yet, but this is the base photo. Model is Christina Macfarlane offshore Cozumel, Mexico.

May 13, 2012

Vintage Hat Project - Museum Phase


Chuck Guthrie and my vintage hat project moved into a new phase last week capturing about 20 new hats at a museum in Richmond, Virginia with the assistance of Elli Morris and the staff at the museum.

This project continues to excite us. The backstories, which are helping make it so interesting, will surface later.

May 9, 2012

UwP Magazine for May/June 2012 (more)


Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP66 issue) also has this full page ad for a unique mermaid portfolio-building workshop.

Two photographers, Robert Minnick and me, host a dozen mermaids on a boat cruising the central Bahamas teaching modeling technique and photographing the mermaids in a week-long variety of exotic island, sand, water and underwater locations.

The mermaids depart the boat with a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine, new friends with similar interests and image additions taking their portfolios to exciting new levels.

Mermaid in the ad is Ashley Nadine in central Florida's Rainbow River Headspring. Tail by Eric Ducharme (themertailor.com).

May 8, 2012

UwP Magazine for May/June 2012


The new Underwater Photography Magazine issue is out now. The largest of the OnLine Diving magazines just released the May/June 2012 issue (UwP66) and it can be downloaded free from http://uwpmag.com.

One of the images we shot for Hasselblad's product launch of their 60-megapixel digital back is on the cover along with the story inside. It's about underwater work and interaction with mermaids. Kristi Sherk, Washington, DC area, was the lead talent for the shoot along with a silicone tail by Eric Ducharme (themertailor.com) in Crystal River, Florida. The shoot was done in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

May 7, 2012

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands


Chuck Guthrie and I were on a liveaboard dive boat cruising around the Turks & Caicos Islands last week. On Saturday, we returned to Provo's Turtle Cove Marina and docked right behind this 130' boat which turned out to be a friend's from Virginia Beach. A couple of cell calls and emails and we had permission for the Captain to show us around. An incredible boat!

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