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January 10, 2013

Coffee Break at Bad Ass Coffee in Virginia Beach


Taking a break yesterday at Bad Ass Coffee in Virginia Beach. This is Brynna Stegosaurus Raine, my Adobe Premier Pro instructor/mentor, project model, graphic designer, late night radio on-air personality and my conduit into the world of punk.

January 6, 2013

R2D2 - A Robot in Star Wars and.....


R2D2 was a famous robot in the Star Wars movies. This air compressor in the sunken Fujikawa Maru engine room has also been given the name and is a must-see when diving the Truk Lagoon/Chuuk wrecks in Micronesia (fly to Guam and hang a left). In order to get a good R2D2 photo, you have to be first off the boat and make a bee-line to the compressor at about 130'. If one diver arrives before you and swims into the compartment, all you'll see is R2D2 in a haze of sediment (no matter how careful the diver was). I was forgiven for blocking the entrance to the compartment for the less than the 30 seconds it took to shoot seven frames of R2D2 in clear water. Thanks everyone.

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