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November 27, 2013

Mermaid at the Louvre


Made this composite image with a talented Richmond, Virginia mermaid, my bedroom during my last trip to Paris and a couple of underwater background images from the files.

Model: Amanda Kaiser
Location: Virginia Beach, VA, Paris, France
Compositing/Retouching: Jackie Burwood

Humor: Just kidding about the bedroom -- with Amanda Kaiser.

November 24, 2013

Contruction Project: Build 3D Robotics Y6 Copter/Drone


Building a 3D Robotics Y6 copter (six motor) for aerial photography while I'm flying two quads (a DJI Phantom I and another). Transmitter for the Y6 will be the Spektrum DX8 (top left), gimbal for camera stability is a Keri Wilk RotorPixel unit (center). Motors are 880 Kv heavy lift; a top and bottom motor on each arm. The blue arms fold alongside the black arm and the legs fold up toward the motor-end of the arms so the craft can be packed in a small hard-side case for airline travel. Also pictured are the GPS and Compass unit (left of black arm) and 915 MHz Radio Telemetry set (lower left side). It gets a new 3DR Pixhawk Auto Pilot, but that's not expected here until the end of December. The Pixhawk, a powerful new product, allows planned waypoint flying, return-to-home and other piloting features. Not pictured is the FPV (First Person View) system allowing the pilot on the ground to see what the aircraft sees.

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