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June 21, 2016

New FAA Drone Rules

The FAA has Published new Drone Rules (Part 107); effective August 2016, 60 days after they apprear in the Federal Register, likely this week.

Many of the drone pilots currently doing commercial work have been working with varying degrees of rule compliance when operating under the previous rules (Part 333). These rules were created by bureaucrats with similar mindsets to those who approve $2,000+ to purchase ordinary toilets using your and my taxpayer dollars (personal opinion, but I have lots of company).

The new rules are now sane and are rightly-focused on safety-in-the-skies and not at making commercial drone aerial work all-but-impossible on time and monetary budgets available to a typical client.


June 16, 2016

Aerial of Look3 in Charlottesville, VA

Paramount Theater, Look3, Charlottesville, Virginia this afternoon. I checked before flying the drone and it seemed to be okay. Then, afterwards, a nice lady Ambassador told me Charlottesville has a City No-Drone Ordinance. This was the image I wanted and the forecast is for the next two days is rain and winds, so no loss.

Look3 is also known as the Festival of the Photograph. Perhaps it should be Festival of the Photographer. It's heavily weighted to National Geographic style imagery and there is presentation-after-presentation by some very talented artists.

Thank goodness some of us do our projects where a flying camera is simply an artist's tool and not regarded as a "Privacy Wrecking Peeking Tom."


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