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May 31, 2017

Plastic Lionfish

I have some upcoming projects that need the underwater systems well-oiled and ready to go, so off we go underwater with the Curtis Boggs Grand Cayman Plastic Lionfish. For all you underwater purists (film or digital), no apologies.


May 29, 2017

Cape Charles Yacht Center on Virginia's Eastern Shore

Cape Charles Yacht Center on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Captured the CCYC in late afternoon light for trade show displays, editorial and other uses. This yacht center is attracting numbers of magnificent 100'+ yachts on their way to and from exotic destinations.

Cape Charles near "downtown" and Eastern Shore Railroad cars in the left side background.

Tech: DJI Inspire 2, X5S, 12mm f2.0 at about 100' AGL


May 28, 2017

Mermaid Bridgette

This mermaid was good enough to be part of the early testing of the Hasselblad H5D-50cWiFi in a Nauticam housing from Reef Photo Video in Ft Lauderdale. The 50 megapixel files are pretty spectacular, but now we're getting ready to put the H6D-100 in the housing and test it. 100 megapixels should be interesting.

Model: Bridgette Reutter -- with Bridgette Reutter, Reef Photo & Video, Nauticam USA and Nauticam in Tampa, Florida.


May 22, 2017

Wired Magazine

Some years back I had to be dragged & kicking from a IT/ PC Windows background to a Photographer/Apple environment. I settled into the Apple Mac and even bought a few hundred shares of Apple at $10/share, so I watch what they're doing. Today, the June 2017 issue of Wired arrived with Dan Winter's cover shot of the new headquarters done with a Freefly Systems drone. Inside is a huge article by Steven Levy about the new building/campus. Wow. Like Steven Jobs used to say at Apple announcements, "One More Thing."


May 5, 2017

Mermaid with fish in aquarium

A 130 gallon aquarium has been part of the studio prop closet for several years and has seen numbers of uses in various sets. This is a new one with Mermaid Hannah J Burgess and some of her fishy friends looking on (er, in). -- with Hannah J Burgess.


May 3, 2017

Checkout flight

T'was a calm beautiful evening today (5/3/17) 45 minutes before sunset. "Big Bird" just got it's seemingly weekly firmware update and needed a checkout flight. Taking off from the driveway, here's the view from about 150' AGL looking south toward the foot of 52nd St and Crystal Lake. House just to the right of center is the Graystone Mansion, once the only home at the Virginia Beach North End from the Cavalier Hotel to the Chesapeake Bay.

Tech: DJI Matrice 600/RoninMX/Sony a7RII with Canon 14mm f2.8 II optic.


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