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June 1, 2008

Shivers, Phocus and the Prop Column

There are three stories here; a multitasking of sorts.

First, the bear belongs to 8-yr-old Jenna Crumley. She lets me have Shivers in the studio every so often for a week or two. Press Shivers' lower left paw and he/she shivers, giggles and cheeks glow red. I like Shivers and so do visitors. No one can press the paw and not feel good.

Second, I'm painting/testing a prop column to work with a custom muslin for one a series of portraits I have in mind.

And, third, I'm installing/testing v1.0 of Hasselblad's Phocus software with a tethered H2/39CFH. Phocus' GUI is a lot like Adobe's Lightroom, so the workflow from Phocus to Lightroom promises to be very smooth.
Shivers, Phocus and the Prop Column

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