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September 9, 2008

Everything's Peaches

My wife is taking oil painting lessons from Charles Kello, a talented artist in Norfolk, and she wanted a photo of some peaches to work from.

I'm going through the 40 video tutorials for Adobe Lightroom2 recorded by Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe and needed a new RAW file to try some of the new features in the Develop Module.

So, I did a quick setup in the studio and shot this with the MkIII with just the modeling light in the Mola Beauty Dish and a couple of silver reflectors. The 85mm f1.2 lens was on the camera, so I used it and settled on f1.4 for the shallow depth of field.

Yeah, I know, I could've done it in half the time with a point & shoot, but this was more challenging and I got some quality time with Lightroom.
Everything's Peaches

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