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May 27, 2009

Underwater Fashion; Yellow-Gold/Hot-Pink Theme

I've been away from the Blog for awhile tending to a variety of things. Now, it's time to be back.

Mild weather came early this year and the pool could be opened earlier than usual. We've had some good underwater time and the last week has been very productive.

Today we rigged the 20x20' scrim over the pool to cut the dancing reflections. This is what it looks like with the soft-even-ambient light and a strobe-lit foreground subject (Christina Macfarlane). Chuck Guthrie and Kaitlyn Benetz were also part of this.

As usual for this sort of session, the water temp was brought up to 88-90F and the chemistry fine-tuned. We pay particular attention to pH; having it as close to normal eye pH of 7.3.
Underwater Fashion; Yellow-Gold/Hot-Pink Theme

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