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August 14, 2009

Missle Launchers by SeaDoo?

Geez, don't let anyone from TSA see this, they'll come up with some new ruling and confiscate the dock (can you tell I'm spending a lot of time in airports these days?).

These are a new breed of miniature underwater scooters by SeaDoo on the dock across the street from my cabana room at the Casa Del Mar Hotel, Cozumel. With a heavy cruise ship traffic, the "fun in the sun" vendors on the island have a huge array of offerings to the thousands of cruise shippers who want to get off the boat and play a day.

This batch of scooters (aka DPV; diver propulsion vehicles) were destined for a boat loaded with snorkelers. Can't you imagine turning a bunch of people in life jackets loose around a reef with these? Holy Moly Batman!
Missle Launchers by SeaDoo?

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