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November 30, 2010

HUGLight - Buyer Beware

I really prefer positive things here, but got stung this morning and think it's worth a note.

An email came in this morning advertising a HUGLight for $10. It's a twisty thing with LED lamps at each end that can go around your neck for reading. It seemed like a decent product, so I clicked the "BUY" button and filled out the ordering info. Then, I got a message asking if I wanted a second one for just the cost of shipping. That smelled a little stinky, but I said "yes." Then, did I want to upgrade it so successive clicks of the switch varied the beam angle; just $9.95. At this point, I was pretty sure this was some kind of scam, but clicked "yes" to the upgrade to see the order. I figured I'd know the full story when I saw the checkout page and would cancel the checkout if it didn't look right.

Wrong! The next screen was the "completed" order for $77.92!!

Shipping of each of the HUGLights was $13.98 (each weighs only ounces) and the upgrade of the beam switch wasn't $9.98, it was $19.98 each! There was nowhere to approve/cancel the Checkout!

Now I'm on the phone with Customer Service somewhere in the central time zone trying to get this thing stopped. What a waste of time!

Buyer Beware.
HUGLight - Buyer Beware

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