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March 18, 2012

Chilly-Foggy-Misty-Windy Broad Bay

Played boat Captain for some friends yesterday doing some photos of redhead and Loreal model Chelsea Taylore on the boat "Photoship 6.0" on Broad Bay in Virginia Beach. The day started out Spring-Perfect and evolved to chilly-foggy-misty-windy for our session. Chelsea braved all of it on the bow (with no complaints) and her lips only quivered between frames. I love gutsy models.

Playing Captain was a favor to Chelsea and young photographer Will Manning, a student at John Hopkins.

I shot a few frames when they were finished; a little experimentation using the Elinchrom Quadra Ringlight and Singh Ray 8-stop Neutral Density filter on a Canon system. I tweaked the color pallet of this frame. It doesn't do justice to her red hair, but some of that will come out later.
Chilly-Foggy-Misty-Windy Broad Bay

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