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September 8, 2012

Underwater Photography and Conservation Efforts

I'm making a fair number of underwater images these days with mermaids, dancers and other artistic subjects in the "wet studio" and on boat and island locations. But, with 5,000+ logged dives around the world, I have a decent collection of marine life images, i.e. this image of six sharks off Grand Bahama Island.

That background gives me a great appreciation for the marine life photography and conservation efforts from people like Douglas Seifert & Emily Irving, Howard & Michelle Hall, Julie Andersen (Shark Angels), Brian Skerry, Marty Snyderman, Imran Ahmad, Brandon Cole and a host of others who are friends and Friends.

Douglas says he photographs the "real" mermaids and sends me a dugong photo. I send him Iara and Kristi. I think we both win.
Underwater Photography and Conservation Efforts

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