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July 17, 2013

Under/Over Mermaid After Dark

Just returned from the Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands photographing mermaids during the Mermaid Portfolio Workshop. A side project after hours was to do this under/over with a bevy of co-conspirators.

Model: Iara Mandyn
Lights: Robert Minnick, Alfred Ellison Gregg, Rachel Smith and Tim Nielson (using a mix of a powerfull 4-LED Barbolight dive light, Light & Motion Sola 4000 Video Lights and an Ikelite DS-161)
Tail: Eric Ducharme (themertailor.com)
Post-Production: Iara Mandyn
MerSupport: Melanie Kettelberger (Disney Character and Redheaded Funny Girl)
Under/Over Mermaid After Dark

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