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August 23, 2014

2014 MPW Wrap Up Party - Exuma Cays

The crew in an iPhone capture. Didn't want to carry the big iron out on the last night. Quality suffers, but you get the picture.....

Models: Malena Sharkey, Cydney Tolbert, Kristi Sherk, Ashley Soltis, Celine Van De Voorde, Tanya Minuet Clayton, Ashley Mengel, Laurie Smith, Rachel Smith, Melissa Kuhlman, Caroline Nelson, Rachel Faulkner, Iara Mandyn, Susan Knight, Alfred Ellison Gregg IV
Photographers (not pictured): Robert Minnick, Chris Crumley
Model Support (motion blur in back): Darrell StBlaine
Event: Wrap Party - Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays 2014
Location: Bahama Bay's dance floor on East Bay Street, Nassau
2014 MPW Wrap Up Party - Exuma Cays

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