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February 7, 2015

Scubalab Scuba Diving Magazine Spread

Scubalab Scuba Diving Magazine; Cover

Model Christina Macfarlane in the bubble storm in white Seawing Nova fins courtesy of Brad Lally at SCUBAPRO.

Model John Wilkins in one of the 7 mil wetsuits for the Protection leader page

Model John Wilkins in a cloudy day under/over for the Buoyancy leader page. This was one of the first days using the Profoto B1 portable strobes. Love them.

Model John Wilkins breathing a SCUBAPRO S560 second stage.

Model Greg Powers in the Instruments section leader page.

Model Christina Macfarlane with a SeaLife digital setup for the Imaging section.

Model Christina Macfarlane near the surface with a wrist light searching the bottom of the Black Lagoon for the Accessories section.
Scubalab Scuba Diving Magazine Spread

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