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May 22, 2015

Cavalier Hotel (New); Gone

Cavalier Hotel on the oceanfront, Virginia Beach 5/22/15, the tower soon to be leveled to the ground. This frame looking north, wide view aerial from uAV/uAS (drone). At end of afternoon, had gathered another 25 still frames and 10 minutes of HiDef (1080p) video. Several helicopters plying the area, but I stayed 2-150'; well out of their way. Man in a construction truck was leery of me flying in the area. Told him I'd been doing it for six weeks recording the historic work and have been in the good graces of the demolition crew. Just a few more days and the process will be captured.

5/23/14 1:04PM 40m (about 120' altitude)

5/23/15 2:08PM 20m (about 60' altitude)
Tower pulled down at 1:50PM in a giant cloud of dust. Demolition super Andy has a wire from his front-end loader to an upper point of the tower, backs up and pulls it down. Now to move forward with site cleanup.
Cavalier Hotel (New); Gone

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