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February 8, 2013

Great Day To Go Flying


5:30AM Delta Curbside Check-in.... pleasant and smooth; bags checked to final destination, CZM (Cozumel, Mex).

5:40AM Watching TSA scan checked bags, pulled one of mine, ignored the bright yellow "TOP" sign at the TSA Lock, opened it upside down and the Hero3 GoPro camera in a plastic container and two other items fall to the floor. The TSA numbskull put the camera back, not in its open slot, but center of the packed items and mashes the top closed. If the GoPro survived, it will be a miracle.

6:50AM Opened Delta Mobile iPhone app and scanned the baggage tags (uses the iPhone camera). Comforting to see they are "planeside."

7:10AM Wheels up and into pelting-rain zero-viz weather. The Boeing 757-200 seems unaffected and the climb-out is smooth.

7:15AM Somewhere around 30,000 feet, the 757 is above the clouds and punches into a glorious blue sky for the short smooth hop to Atlanta. Ahhhhhh.

February 7, 2013

Dancers in the Red Ring


I'm still pulling images from several dance sessions as I get ready for tropical underwater work. I've changed my underwater system from a Canon EOS-5D MkII to a MkIII and put the MkIII in a new housing. More about that later.

This is an image from November working with two talented young women, Lauren Taylor and Dani Sanchez, in and around Robert Minnick and Malena Sharkey's red ring in the studio.

February 3, 2013

More Prop Pieces for Evil Cowgirl


Some more of the prop pieces to be used for the Evil Cowgirl images. Instrumental in these coming together were Chuck Guthrie and his daughter Nikki Guthrie. Still looking for the right boots and spurs.

The Evil Cowgirl will be a companion image to the Evil Mermaid.....


Cowhead Prop - Paint by Igor


New cowhead for the Cowgirl series (Evil Cowgirl). Paint by Igor.

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