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October 29, 2006

Food; Dessert

Food is definitely a team effort. Give or take, the team is made of an art director, food stylist, chef and the photographer and needs to be done in fairly short order before the food loses its fresh look. With the right team, this kind of shoot can have a nice rhythm. This one did, for sure.

October 28, 2006

Virginia Beach Convention Center Atrium

Working on different jobs in the Virginia Beach Conference Center, I keep seeing new angles, reflections, light, shadows and sky color. Earlier this week I saw this and stopped what I was doing to do this capture.

October 26, 2006

Guitar with a history

This guitar was sitting in the corner of a coffee shop and the owner gave me some of its history. It's been sanded, holes cut in it, the names ex-girilfriends are scrawled on the back and it's been played by a lot of musicians in surf camps and the coffee shop.

October 22, 2006

Roller Skate America

Roller skate America

October 16, 2006

Plastic Palm

I try to negate the effects of Photoshop with 7-mile bike rides. This morning I noticed the carnival had departed the 17th St. Pier for the winter leaving only this green plastic palm tree. I like the green on blue contrast.

October 13, 2006

Brevity and the Square

If the Naked Cowboy in his BVDs has a place on Times Square, why not Jodi Gallaer's lingerie?

October 12, 2006

Brevity and the Tower

Jodi Gallaer Lingerie on the banks of the Siene

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