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July 4, 2009

Peanut Packaging On Location


Last week's peanut packaging shoot with art director, Larry Peak, was a little out of the norm. We needed open peanut field images and well as product close-ups so combined them into one day on the client farm two hours away from Virginia Beach.

We used my standard location kit with the addition of some seamless rolls, reflectors and other tabletop items. They went in a vacant cinder block farm building beside traintracks and surrounded by fields of corn, soy beans and peanuts. Fans and an open door were our air conditioning.

We shot the close-ups with the medium format digital tethered to a hooded MacBook Pro which also provided us with varied tunes from the Wonder Boys album. It was July 2 and hot, so a cooler of water and Zero Coke kept us hydrated.

Such variety; I love this business.

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