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February 27, 2016

Got One

We somehow managed to get a decent picture in this session yesterday. (Crumley Humor)

Model: Ferris Hollinger
MUA/Hair: Brittany Chewning (Chewy)
Top: Designer Patricia Timm
Location: VaBch Lakeside Studio
FreshWhiteCycPaint: Jackie Burwood -- with Ferris Hollinger.


February 23, 2016

Cos-Play Favorites

One of Victoria's favorite cos-play outfits -- with Victoria Kicha.


Victoria's Tail

Victoria's tail is from the folks who are setting the Gold Standard in silicone tails. -- with Finfolk Productions.


Vintage Hat Project

A frame from the vintage hat project with Chuck Guthrie -- with Victoria Kicha.


February 19, 2016

High Key


With 283,000 in Lightroom database, some images don't see light of day for awhile. Ran across this one of Jessie K West we did a few years ago. Not totally literal, but interesting.

February 17, 2016

Happened Upon a Great Location


Working on building an image. First, finding a location, light direction and time of day. Late afternoon here works (Sensations Building Virginia Beach). Next step on another day.....

February 15, 2016

Viking Crumley


I'm not much on Selfies, but Jaclyn Krogh was in studio with her Nikon and shot one of my Beard Hat and me. Funny.

February 13, 2016

Eight Bells Collective and Work | Release - Norfolk, VA


Last night I found myself moving around the Work | Release venue with a small cadre of fellow artists in the Eight Bells Collective. We were part of the NATIVE exhibition opening sponsored by the Meredith and Brother Rutter Family Art Foundation in the incredibly refurbished and re-purposed three story ex-Texaco building owned by the Rutter... See More -- with Jason Michael Tuthill, Bedelia Burris-McGrath, Stephanie Adams, Harold Scot Clark, Katie Hayes, Eugenia Gonzales, Ishaway Friestad, Dirk Ehlert, Mary Dixon, Ryan Archer and Hunter Chapman.

February 10, 2016

Hasselblad H5D; Totally Badass


This is the setup for Monday. The goal is an elegant shot of a model in a misty pool at water level (she's in the water at water level) and I'm dry on the pool deck with the Hasselblad. Might be able to get a little lower with the camera on a towel, but on this Induro HiHat and a waist-level finder on the camera will be a lot easier to handle and shoot. Totally badass.

A Little Sharky


I like sharks. I like medium format digital. And, I like humor. So, here's all three.

I found this shark at Dillards for $3.75 and bought two. New Hasselblad H5D-50c WiFi arrived Saturday and I'm putting it through its paces. Incredible 50-megapixel sensor with 14-15 stops of dynamic range and performs amazingly well at ISO 1600. I was astounded at the lack of noise at 1600! First job for it was Ice Cream Cakes and packaging items today. Friday is drum pieces. Monday is a model named Willow.

Today, the shark was making Client, Creative Director, Assistant and me laugh.

February 7, 2016

Native - Eight Bells - Opens


I was happy to be part of the creation (underwater sequences) of "Eight Bells," a movie and part of the the NATIVE exhibition opening this coming Friday. Here are some of the details:

opens Friday, February 12th at 5pm
curated by
Charlotte Potter & Gayle Forman
featured artists:
Virginia Van Horn, Randy Hess, Robert Sites, Victoria Farr, Peter Eudenbach, Mary Dixon, Luis Adelfio, Kathy Little, Kathleen Kennedy, Julia & Robin Rogers, John Roth, Joan Biddle, Hen Cho + Christopher Revels, Heidi Peelen, Heather Bryant, Emily Bartelt, Echard Wheeler, Diana Laurel Caramat, Christiana Caro, Carl Medley III, and Avery Shaffer
About the exhibition:
Rutter Family Art Foundation invites you to Work | Release for their upcoming exhibition, Native, featuring more than 20 artists with local ties to Norfolk and southeastern Virginia.

Defined, the word Native is the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being. Generally considered the location in which someone originated, it is a word that denotes belonging and an ingrained ownership of a place, creating an invisible community. This exhibition explores the many facets of being Native, specifically within Eastern Virginia, and how the unique qualities of the land and culture distinctly informed the creation of the 21 pieces included in the show.

As a community almost entirely surrounded by water and rising sea levels, there is an ingrained lifestyle within Norfolk's nomadic culture. Being one of the world's largest ports creates a transient space between water and land, home and away, environment and industry. A landing point throughout history, these waterways have been arteries that flow deep into our nation and leave Norfolk and the surrounding region brimming with history and local lore. Whether one heralds from afar or has always called Norfolk home, the social and political cartographies spill into daily life and seep into the artist's studio. Works consider the uncanny pairings of flooded front porches and a pelt made of lost keys, sugary frosting and historic wallpaper, military mothers to Virginia Beach tourists, and the euphoric discovery of sunken treasure, only to find imported knock-offs. This survey of local artists was selected from an open call and encompasses a range of approaches to artistic practice, from self-taught artists to full time makers, from academics and educators to collaborative teams. Native is an innate glimpse into the ways in which sea and land have a significant impact on a sense of home and personal identity.

Charlotte Potter is an educator, conceptual artist and designer who creates jewelry, sculpture, video, installation and performance. Her work explores the different ways in which humans connect to one another and has been exhibited worldwide at Museums, Galleries and Art festivals. Born and raised in Vermont, Potter holds a BFA from Alfred University and MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is trained as a traditional glassmaker. Charlotte has been a pioneer in developing glass as a performative and conceptual medium. Currently Potter is the Glass Studio Manager and Programming Director at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia. http://www.charlottepotter.com/

As an avid fan of frozen treats, Gayle Forman seems to gravitate toward things that melt, spill, and generally make a mess. As an artist and designer her studio practice and research focuses on play, imagination, the absurd and the everyday. The work is realized as performance, video, photography, installation and sculpture. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gayle received her BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014. Currently Gayle is located in Norfolk, Virginia as a Studio Instructor at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. http://gayleeforman.com/


February 6, 2016



A recent Facebook posting by Kristi Sherk reminded me of this image from 2004; similar in genre.....underwater-reflections-upon-reflections with Malena Sharkey. -- with Malena Sharkey.

February 4, 2016

The People You Meet


One of the nice things about being a photographer is working with interesting people. I've done several projects with Brynna Raine and we always walk away with a nice creative satisfaction. A side benefit is I can tap her knowledge and skill with Adobe Premier Pro. She's my tutor and helps bring video things to life.

Some uses of my MerImages

Some uses of my MerImages are vehicle/boat wraps, public service pieces, calendars, book covers, print ads, print and digital magazine covers and inside illustrations and Websites. Uses are only limited by the imaginations of creative directors/graphic designers and end users. I really enjoy working with mermaids capturing the images, then the creatives who take the images public.












February 2, 2016

Never know when you'll need your camera


Q: why do you carry a camera around? A: never know when you'll see something worth capturing.
This was a corridor to the restrooms in a local mall. Within three frames, mall security showed up. Security: "Can I help you?" Me: No, I just liked this view and took a picture. Security: "This is private property; no photography allowed unless taking photo of friends or family."
I liked that security showed up so fast and hope they would be that quick if there was something really bad going on.

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