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March 14, 2009

Center of the Universe (as many artists know it)

1 Infinite Loop is the Center of the Universe as many artists perceive it.

Being an east coast guy with ten Macs, I had only read that 1 Infinite Loop and Cupertino, CA were the headquarters for Apple. Last Thursday, I found myself on Rt 17 going south from Napa-to-San Francisco-to-Monterey, CA, saw an exit to Cupertino and decided at 65mph to go see Apple. I had some spare time; why not?

Off the highway and in Cupertino, it isn't hard to find Apple.

Infinite Loop is comprised of six buildings on the inside of a circle about a large city block round. One building is for Executive Presentations, one houses The Company Store and the others are similarly tagged for a variety of company functions. But, the Loop buildings are only the beginning of the Apple presence. There are buildings-after-buildings with Apple logos in the surrounding techie-corporate-looking neighborhood.

The Company Store had a few more demo stations, but it didn't offer a much different inventory than you'll find in a typical Apple store in Norfolk, VA or NYC. Well, maybe there were more Apple-logo soft goods; hats, shirts, jackets, pens and cups; that sort of thing. I asked to see a MacBook Pro 15 or 17" with max RAM, max space and rpm HD and a non-glare monitor, but they don't make a photographer's non-glare 15 yet and didn't have a 17. If they'd had it, I'd have walked away with it.

I bought a couple of gifts for a fellow Apple user and got back on the highway. I hadn't seen Steve Jobs, but I have now seen the exterior of Apple and probably the Center of the Universe Corporate Headquarters. I'm not positive, but humor me and let's just say "I was there."
Center of the Universe (as many artists know it)

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