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March 28, 2009

Water-based Ad Concept?

We sent 12,000 of these email promotional pieces to the major art buyers and creatives in the U.S. week before last. It's impossible to pick a precise target audience for something like this because any kind of product can use a water-based ad concept.... insurance, pharmaceuticals, transportation, banking, fashion and a long list of others. And, then, of course, there are editorial possibilities like sports magazine swimsuit issues.

There are only a small handfull of photographers in the world who do this sort of thing successfully, so you just have to be in the buyer's or creative's files when they are moved in the wet direction.

Thanks to Tom Dye/Ferguson Enterprises and Jeff Ainslie/Ainslie Group Homes (Virginia Beach, VA) for availability of the shower unit, Chuck Guthrie/Lynnhaven Marine (VaBch) for transportation/sinking/rigging, mermaid Viv LEPLUS (Miami Beach, FL) and Christina Macfarlane (VaBch) for creative. All the photography was done underwater.
Water-based Ad Concept?

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