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September 20, 2009

Mermaid Email Etiquette

We all know about email etiquette; it's a courtesy thing to respond fairly quickly. But, sometimes, you just can't.

Take the case of someone who spends most of their time underwater. Maybe it's harder to get a signal there. Or, maybe they use AT&T and they're underwater near Ocracoke Island, NC where there is no AT&T signal on land or anywhere.

Okay, I'm sorry. My phone vendor frustration is showing.

Last week was dedicated to shooting still and motion stock and I was fortunate to be working with an incredible crew in Richmond, VA. Our mer-person (above) was Rozlyn Papa; she'll be back again in these pages, so watch for her. She's also a shoe-in for pages in the Femme de la Mer book.
Mermaid Email Etiquette

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