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September 23, 2009

Humphead Wrasse - Palau Blue Corner (Micronesia)

The non-diver perhaps can't imagine the almost spiritual feeling that engulfs most of us coming in close contact with a large marine creature. Could be a 15-40' whale, similarly sized whale shark or a 6-8' shark.

Humphead wrasse like this give me similar willies. At 4-5' long, they're not so big. But, are unafraid and get so close they seem to want to cuddle up.

Some divers have been known to feed the wrasse hard-boiled eggs. They suck the egg in, massage it in their mouths and spit out the shell. Try that underwater!

Generally, there is a movement to not feed marine life for lots of good reasons, but it goes on. Was this one getting close because he wanted me or an egg?

Ah, well, I'll probably never know.
Humphead Wrasse - Palau Blue Corner (Micronesia)

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