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October 3, 2009

Still Stock; Motion Stock; Business Concepts

We're doing lots of different things lately: interior designer work images, location peanut packaging, underwater dance, underwater business themes, cupcakes, restaurants, frozen cakes, airport FBOs and Meals on Wheels to name a few. Then, in addition to years of still stock and commercial/advertising still photography, we're now doing video projects where it makes sense.

This kind of image, with Ariel Skelley, Michael Broth, Rozlyn Papa, Randy McNeill and Virginia Anderson in Richmond is being captured for both still and motion stock. As the images come out of post-production, they're going to the Getty Images still and motion stock files.

We shifted the color pallet on this frame for the Blog, but the normal four-color version was the primary entry to the stock collection.
Still Stock; Motion Stock; Business Concepts

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