2016 Supermoon Strange Love Save the Last Dance Halloween Happy Halloween Kristi Sherk in black dress underwater Behind-the-Scenes of UW Kristi Sherk Pool Shoot The Beekman Hotel looking down on bar lounge
The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel, Reception The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel, Bar Lounge 2016 NY Photo Expo; Alexa Meade Underwater Red Dress Fashion Hasselblad H2 & CFH39 Underwater Creative Day with Christina Brook Macfarlane Florida Harley Quinn Nikon Gear Set
Young Suicide Squad Underwater Hasselblad Series Hasselblad Underwater Ready Lionfish mermaid in Salt Springs, Florida Morning mermaid in studio Stella Jones' Music Video "Underwater" Aerial of a mermaid on sandbar in Virginia Beach, VA Jimmy Choo at a Flea Market
Stupid is as Stupid Does Underwater Ballet Slippers Salt Grove - Eastern Shore - Cheriton, Virginia Behind-The-Scenes Aerial of Music Video Shoot Salt Grove Cottage in Cape Charles, Eastern Shore, VA DJI Matrice 600; Behind-The-Scenes DJI Matrice 600 Drone with Hasselblad Lakeside reflecting pool in a pool
Cape Charles Marina at dusk The Place Theater, Cape Charles The Palace Theater marquee, Cape Charles Indoor Behind the Scenes Flight New Lionfish Yet Another in the Mermaid/Sailor/Dink project Another in the Under/Over Dink Series Under/Over of Mermaid and Pirate
Aerial of "Elder Dink" with M600  New FAA Drone Rules Aerial of Look3 in Charlottesville, VA The people I meet DJI Matrice 600 gear up at sunset Aerial of Cavalier Hotel refurb New Bird; DJI Matrice 600 Testing New D.E. Pool Filter
Jerry Adams Sculpture DJI Phantom 3 Pro Kit SUP Crystal Lake New Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Pool Filter  Backlit Rain with Christina Macfarlane Prince Tribute Marah Strickland Yoga Matrix Mermaid on the edge of Salton Sea, CA
Mermaid at sunset; Salton Sea, CA New Studio Setup for Cart Series Dead Fish - Salton Sea, CA Hasselblad Mermaid Photoshoot Fiola Mare Restaurant - Mermaid Room Sea Ray Poster Child Fuse Visual and Mermaids Southern Sun
Prom Night Hesitation Floating Around Mermaid Tops Got One Cos-Play Favorites Victoria's Tail Vintage Hat Project High Key
Happened Upon a Great Location Viking Crumley Eight Bells Collective and Work | Release - Norfolk, VA Hasselblad H5D; Totally Badass A Little Sharky Native - Eight Bells - Opens Reflections The People You Meet
Some uses of my MerImages Never know when you'll need your camera Another Light Painting Frame Experimenting with a New Model Light Painting with Hosemaster "Kodachrome" Resurfaces I Dream of you Amid the Flowers A Redhead Portrait
Gelato Break - Isla Mujeres, Mexico Re-Visiting Vintage Hats Mermaid and her Pirate/Sailor Working With Real Dummies King Neptune & Mermaid Time Flies Missing Summer Milk Studios, NYC
Eerie Misty Halloween Morning Model on the Beach, Isla Mujeres, Mexico New Display Hood for iPad on DJI Controller DJI Phantom 3 Upgrades Underwater Faerie Annie Leibovitz Photoshoot, Miami Beach Princess Anne Country Club, Virginia Beach, VA Mermaid Celine
Pre-MPW Isla Mujeres, Mexico Talented Mermaid from Munich, Germany Underwater Cowhead Mirror Experiments with Marah Strickland MPW Coaches Get Some Camera Time Pool Play My Skeleton Bride Ahh, mer-life
Home Sweet Boat Lasting Impressions Chatbooks from Instagram Reflecting on 2015 MPW Trips Mermaid in Shroud Cay, Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands BTS in Rocky Dundas Cay, MPW 2015, Exuma Cays Mermaid Line-Up, MPW 2015 Exuma Cays Sky over South Carolina
Underwater Dancer Mango Caf, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Isla Mujere MPW Trip; Prep Session The Awakening Kiss Rainy Day Mermaid 14 Hour Creative Underwater Day It's a little "sharky" in here Looking back, from last August
Kiwis  Nostalgia Ever Feel Like This? Testing New Canon 5Ds Back Ink Red Ring in Studio Creative Underwater Night Silhouettes iFly Adventure at Virginia Beach Oceanfront
Chesapeake Bay Diving - New Dive Shop at Hilltop in Virginia Beach Cape Charles on the Virginian Eastern Shore Cavalier Hotel (New); Gone Creative Day with Model Nicole Carter More Cavalier Hotel (New) Demolition Cavalier Hotel (New) Demolition Almost Water Ready Droning in Duck, NC
Summer is Coming 4:15AM Wakeup Corolla Lighthouse, Corolla, Outer Bank, NC Bodie Island Lighthouse, Outer Banks, NC Ever Feel Like You're Drowning in Photoshop Layers? Massage Soon Come.... Moving into Tropical Mode, Still In Studio, But Thinking "Warm" Getting Excited for Summer 2015
Reminiscing, Pleasant Memories of Friends Mermaid in Studio, Lakeside Virginia Beach, VA Flying DJI Inspire 1 Over Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach, VA Ongoing Romantic Saga Recreation of Famous Heart of the Ocean Drawing (Not Historically Accurate) In Lakeside Studio with Marah Strickland New Old Cavalier Demolition: Interesting "Gutting" Procedure  Pretty Windy Today
Aerial of Harbor's Edge Retirement Community in Norfolk, VA DJI Inspire 1 Rigged for Audio Cavalier Hotel (New) Demolition Today Early Morning Drone Aerials Over Crystal Lake, Virginia Beach, VA St. Croix with David and Joy Haycox Miami Airport; Woman waiting outside Men's restroom Travel FROM St Croix Snow Flight with DJI Inspire 1
Mexican Island Lodging (Aerial) Silver Tongued Evil Mermaid Mara Strickland, local musician Scubalab Scuba Diving Magazine Spread AB RIB gets a new 25hp Mercury Outboard Brynna Raine playing the Cello DJI Phantom 2 Vision + at Brock Environmental Center DJI Inspire 1 Drone Hovering
DJI Inspire 1 Quad Drone DJI Inspire 1 Quad Drone; no props Not all who wander are lost Great Hammerhead Shark off Bimini, Bahamas Islands DJI Inspire 1 drone on the way NC MerFest 2015 Poolside New "Lobster" tail at 2015 NC MerFest  NC MerFest 2015
Patricia Timm Designs - Brittany Folck Giant Tortoise on the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles Islands Chesapeake Bay Foundation Brock Environmental Center Profoto B1 High Speed Sync Firmware Test Day VA Beach 16th Street Amusement Park Aerial The areca Twins! Mermaid Portfolio Workshops 2015 Ferrari in the Reflecting Pool
Mermaid Dive - Cozumel, Mexico Salton Sea Mermaid - California Desert 2015 Exuma Visitor's Guide "Morgue Art" with Marah Strickland Silver Haired Beauty Performing Artist Shipments Lifestyle iPhone  Drone Aerials around Crystal Lake in Virginia Beach, VA
First Session with Jenna Leigh Backlit Model Underwater at Night 'Tis the Halloween Season Mermaid, Sailor and the Dink Under/Over II Mermaid Hannah Burgess Underwater Mermaid, Sailor and the Dink Under/Over 300 W Broad Street at Madison Avenue, Richmond, VA Underwater Dance; Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pirates love mermaids, Virginia Beach, Virginia Underwater Fashion; Dress & Necklace Mermaid Victoria Kicha, Virginia Beach, VA Testing out new Profoto B1, 78th St Virginia Beach, VA Mermaid with her pet jellyfish Kevin; MPW Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Under/Over of mermaid, last day of Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays Crew Shot from Mermaid Portfolio Workshop 2014 Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Mermaid Portfolio Workshop in the Exuma Cays is Big Major Cay (aka Bay of Pigs)
Mermaid on the beach at sunrise, Virginia Beach, VA Pregnant Mermaid swimming with Whale Shark, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays - Bay of Pigs Drone aerial from Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Chris Crumley at the MPW- Exuma Cays Wrap up Party Mermaid in one of the grottos; MPW 2014 Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands  2014 MPW Wrap Up Party - Exuma Cays Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays - Aerial of the whole crew
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico near Playa del Carmen in the KuKulKan Cenote Mermaid on the beach at sunrise, Virginia Beach, VA Virginia's very own fire-eating pin-up model underwater Crew Shots from Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Isla Mujeres, Mexico Wrap up party for Mermaid Portfolio Workshop Isla Mujeres Mexico Inside the Shellhouse, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Whale Shark Isla Mujeres, Mexico Feeding on Fish Eggs Experimental night work underwater in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Whale Shark Isla Mujeres, Mexico Underwater  Drone aerial less than 100' over whale shark, mermaid and photographer. Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Cenote Session at KuKulKan cenote. MPW-Cenote Session, first day coaching session Drone Aerial of Shellhouse, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Susan Knight on porch of Shellhouse, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Mermaid and the Red Love Seat Phantom 2 Drone in Aqua Lung
Drone's-eye-view before takeoff Christina Macfarlane on a roof in Cozumel, Mexico Pelicans watching fisherman, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands Old Cavalier Hotel on the hill BODYART Dance Company - "Thread" Production Promo Images BODYART Mini-Pre-Mermaid Portfolio Workshop First pool session of the season
Airline Carryon Size Revised BODYART Coe Hall Great Hall Checked Baggage Gouging It's Shark Week Koi Mermaid in Reflection Pool Mermaid caught in a prop wash Mermaid Hales Parcells in Lakeside Studio Pool Aerial of Mermaid Hales Parcells in Lakeside Studio Pool
#43 in Fuse Visual Aerial of Mermaid; Virginia Beach at 78th Street Shoreline Aerial; Virginia Beach at 78th Street Shoreline Aerial; Virginia Beach at 78th Street "Facebook Bull" Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Greece Golden Mermaid Ready for Shipping Cowgirl on the beach, Virginia Beach
Lakeside Aerial from DJI Phantom 2 Vision + DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Lakeside Backyard First Flight; DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Las Vegas; Bellagio Fountain at Night Milky Way; Palau, Micronesia SeaRay 340 Engine back from Re-build BODYART Dancer  Scales and Gills
MacPro added to Workspace Gradual Worldwide Adoption of Crediting on FB Belated frame from MPW-Exuma Cays 2012 "Simon" in Cuba Mermaid with Bull's Head Mermaid Victoria experimenting with "wings" and Koi Tail Mermaid Victoria in a Victoria + Albert Claw Foot Bath Tub Freshly painted Cyc; test
BODYART Dancer Stephanie Mas in Bubbles Sandbar at Saddle Cay, Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Revisit's Are Fun; "Dive in Color" Feeling Patriotic  Pristine Wall and Red Sponges; Maria la Gorda Divesite, Cuba Great Hammerhead Shark off South Bimini Ocean Artists Society Film/Web/Print Materials Bimini Shipwreck - The Galant Lady, Belize
Life on the Streets; Havana, Cuba Art Deco Nude, Hotel Florida, Havana, Cuba Ocean Kayak Advertising Shoot - Ocracoke Island, NC Construction Equipment Series New Deck for Winner of "Ugly Deck" Contest Details Interior Design/Found Objects Revisit's Are Fun; "Dive in Color" Mermaid in Jungle Pool
 Great Hammerhead Sharks off South Bimini, Bahamas Kodak Film Canister Robot Reality TV Location - Survivor Beach, Ulong Island, Palau  Red Velvet Loveseat Lisa Cafero in Lakeside Alley Mermaid at the Louvre
Contruction Project: Build 3D Robotics Y6 Copter/Drone Body Painted Blonde at the PhotoPlus Expo in NY Empire State Building; viewed from New Yorker Hotel MerBride in Virginia  Sun Burst Mermaid  Mermaid Bride (MerBride) "Surfer Chick" Figure at Bad Ass Coffee Merman Eric in New Mertailor Tail Design
Eric Ducharme the Mertailor Showing His New Fluke Design Mertailor's New Fluke Designs Mertailor's New Fluke  Mertailor's New Fluke Mermaid Swims with a Whale Shark Evil Mermaid Surfaces in Virginia Beach Tank Saddle Cay Sandbar, Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Bridge to Islote Yunque, Isla Mujeres, Quintanroo, Mexico
Mermaid Sydney Raye Smith and the Whale Shark SCUBAPRO Serious Cello and the Red Dress White Walls of Circles, Red Hair and Tattoo Hunter Mermaid at Highbourne Cay, Exuma Cays, Bahamas Bay of Pigs - Exuma Cays - Bahamas Islands Under/Over Mermaid After Dark Mermaid Portfolio Workshop - Exuma Cays 2013
Fisheye Macro Dome Port Testing Ice Cream Cake Ad Salton Sea City Beach, California More Dusk on the Shores of the Salton Sea Palm Springs Photo Festival - Lighting Workshop Dusk on Shore of the Salton Sea, CA Migrated Underwater System to Nauticam NA-5DMKIII Underwater Testing - Jellyfish
Dry Ice Bubbles for Underwater Fashion Scuba Great Day To Go Flying Dancers in the Red Ring More Prop Pieces for Evil Cowgirl Cowhead Prop - Paint by Igor Coffee Break at Bad Ass Coffee in Virginia Beach R2D2 - A Robot in Star Wars and.....
Textured and Framed Tara Lynn Dancer Tweaks at Starbucks Socorro Islands, Mexico Manta Ray by Jeff Yonover Socorro Islands, Mexico Manta Ray Mermaid Pair Underwater Mermaid and Sun's Rays Abstract Dance Fish Tank Experiments
Like the feel of this outdoor alcove Mertailor Photo Session - Day 3 - BTS Sun's Out - Rig the 20x20' Scrim/Silk MerTailor Photo Session - Day 1 Compass Cay Grotto - Exuma Cays - Bahamas Islands Plongee Magazine Cover - Julie Andersen Teenage Mermaid; Coaching Session One Book Covers
Julie Anderson - SCUBAPRO Advertising Underwater Photography and Conservation Efforts Red Ring Ballet Underwater Twice Lost - Third Book in Sarah Porter's Lost Voices Trilogy High Key Tabitha Lopez Underwater Fashion - Black Bodyart Dancers and the Red Rope Underwater Waiting for a Cloud to Pass; Photographer Vest at Work
Sandbar at Saddle Cay, Exuma Cays, Bahamas Islands Koi Tail in the Grotto Entrance Mermaid Portfolio Workshop Tara Lynn and the Octo-Top Afternoon backlight - Mermaid Underwater Apple MacBook Pro 15" Retina - Scared Rabbit More Victoria + Albert Tub Work 20x20 Scrim Rigging
MerPalooza Best Mermaid Nominee Vintage Hat Project - White Mink Beret Vintage Hat Project - Cocktail Hat Apple Mac Pro - Tech Support Greece - Ionian Sea - Zakynthos - Wreck Beach Red Period - Tomatoes Underwater with Marine Life; Magic Red Period
Bodyart Dance Company - Yellow Umbrella Red Satin and Red Ring Above Water Red Satin Monster (Underwater) Foggy Sleeping Quarters Norfolk, VA OpSail 2012 - Sunrise Thursday Norfolk, VA OpSail 2012 - Pride of Baltimore Six Blue Angels - Virginia Beach, VA Vintage Hat Project - Back to Live Models
More Red Ring Over Reflection Pool Red Ring in the Reflection Pool Underwater Fashion or Abstract? Mermaid Cover - Brazil Publisher Monster Truck Weekend - Virginia Beach Monster Truck Weekend - Virginia Beach Mermaid Book Cover - Brazil Vintage Hat Project - Museum Phase
UwP Magazine for May/June 2012 (more) UwP Magazine for May/June 2012 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Doing my schoolwork Vintage Hat Project - Roswell, New Mexico Area 51 Version Long Boat Weekend Play Day - Sleepover Book Covers - Waking Storms
Dive For A Cure (D4AC) Vintage Hat Project Ocean Boulevard Restaurant - OBX Mermaid On A Rock - Cancun, Mexico Roxy Girl - Erica Gunter Chilly-Foggy-Misty-Windy Broad Bay Vintage Hat Project Carnival 2012 Fat Tuesday Shrine - Kathy Bean
Canon 8-15mm f4 Testing; UW Cozumel, Mexico Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - Dusk Distinction Magazine - Fall.Winter 2011 - Food Distinction Magazine - Fall.Winter 2011 - In Design Light Rail - Norfolk, VA - The Tide Using up old 35mm film stock Andros Bahamas Conch Sound Blue Hole - Brian Kakuk Barry Price Hanging In There
Sherry Smith and the SCUBAPRO Hangtag Whale Shark; Isla Mujeres, Mexico Underwater Dance with the Big Red Rope Angel Octopus Evil Mermaid Iara Mandyn Dog Jack Gassing Crew I just love Scuba Diving! Mermaid Melissa Fenton in Victoria + Albert Tub
Mermaid Iara Mandyn in Rainbow River Headspring Weeki Wachee River Manatee Iara Mandyn in Weeki Wachee River - Central Florida Weeki Wachee River, Central Florida - Behind-The-Scenes New York - Sunny and Clear New York, NY - 25th Floor - W35th at 8th Avenue The Jake Seaplane Wreck - Palau, Micronesia Virginia Beach Eye Exterior - Architectural
Pumpkin Face Julie Andersen and a Nautilus Trio Victoria + Albert Tub Press Release Victoria + Albert Tub and Mermaid Kristi Sherk - One Cupid and Psyche; the awakening kiss Alexandra Freeman and the Victoria & Albert Tub Alexandra Freeman in the Matrix Mermaid Melanie McDaniel - Virginia Beach
Songwriter In A Tub Hasselblad EMail Blast Hanna Stagg & Kristi Sherk in Reflecting Pool iPhone App Groups Faeries and Pixies Portrait of a Young Girl Cancun Mexico Rocks Goldfish Mermaid Mermaid Magazine Premier Cover
Playing MerCoach, Lifeguard and Studio Photographer Madeline Day - Bodyart Dancer Allison Ploor - Underwater Dance Cancun Beach Hotel Zone at Dusk Cancun Beach Highrise at Night Whale Shark; Isla Mujeres, Mexico Size Matters Whale Sharks - Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Wheels Down - Landing Washington Dulles Mermaid Tail - Goldfish Version Variety Heaven Wet and Working Dancing on the Cyc Bodyart Dancer Michele Jongeneel UW Bodyart Dancer Madeline Day Cowgirl Red
Bodyart Dancer Michele Jongeneel Power Plant Cowgirl Toypedo Girl Kristina Sherk Underwater (Tube) Kristina Sherk Underwater (Mermaid VIII) Kristina Sherk Underwater (Mermaid) Chelsea Taylore Evans - Redhead in a Tub Honeymoon Cover - Fiona Gelin
Small World - Man Ray and Ernest Hemingway crossing paths Aldabra Expedition Exit Plan Aldabra Expedition Camera Pile Aldabra Expedition (Seychelle Islands) Mermaid Chelsea Taylore Clawfoot Tub - Redhead - Higher Angle Makeup Behind-The-Scenes Palau, Micronesis - Jake's Seaplane - Julie Andersen
Tail in the Tub Bathtub Mermaid Indoors Baker's Crust Soup & Half Sandwich Baitball - Bonaire, Netherland Antillies Virginia Beach Snow Day Paris - Fashion Designer Jorge Johnson Jackie Sera Burwood Kristen Leonard in the Waterfall
SCUBAPRO Canada HUGLight - Buyer Beware Food Week Bodyart Dancer Stephanie Mas; Providenciales Mermaid Book Cover More Mannequin Clean Canons and the Painted Body  Bodyart Studio NY
Tropical Rain Fitness Model Brittany Daniels Underwater - St Lawrence Seaway Fitness Model Brittany Daniels Bodyart Dancer Madeline Day at Leeward, Provo, Turks & Caicos Felice Gabrielle Romero Flies at Sunset - Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Street Casting a Redhead in Paris Apple Store in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Hasselblad H4D40 in Paris BodyArt Dancer Allison Ploor; Leeward Beach, Provo, T&C Islands BodyArt Dancer Brett Garfinkel; Malcolm Beach, Provo, T&C Islands Hasselblad/ASMP Contest; Win the "Sun" themed contest SCUBAPRO Warm Water Gear Shoot; Palau, Micronesia Underwater with Jenna Crumley More Motion Blur with 8-stop Variable ND Uncle Al's Hot Dogs and the Variable ND
Scam Photo Contests Underwater with Brooke McMillan II Bob Singh's Variable ND Filter (Geeky) Underwater with Cat Doss Underwater with Kristina Sherk VI Courtney Callaway in James Coviello Dress Mermaid Kristi Sherk - the "hands" Underwater with Kristina Sherk V
Underwater with Kristina Sherk IV Underwater with Kristina Sherk III Underwater with Kristina Sherk II Underwater with Kristina Sherk Mermaids in Refurbished Tank/Pool Lakeside Pool (underwater photo tank) Back OnLine Australia - Ribbon Reef #3 on Great Barrier Reef Australia - Ancient Loggerhead Turtle
Laboratory View Orchid on the windowsill Pool - Working the Deep End ADS Generation III ECWCS Shoot ADS Contract Award Spring Day in historic downtown Norfolk area Hasselblad Phocus and Sinar P2 Senor Frog's Red VW toasted
Cozumel Mexico Senor Frogs Fire Virginia Snow 100101-1001; A Beautiful Number Welcome 2010 Last Day of 2009; Turtle Hatchlings; Cozumel, Mexico Pool damaged by nor'easter Motion Blur Underwater Studio Needs Cleaning; This Week
Another Sunsations Wall View; Riot of Yellow Winter Colors at 4PM; Sunsations Store Child's Mermaid Costume Exercising Creativity with Erica Gunter Model Contest Winner Erica Gunter Minesweeper Shipwreck; C-53 Felipe Xicotencati Schooling Redear Herring; Cozumel, Mexico  Sajo Farm Pool Complex at Dusk
Sajo Farm Pool Complex Behind-The-Scenes Halloween Is Upon Us Still Stock; Motion Stock; Business Concepts Humphead Wrasse - Palau Blue Corner (Micronesia) Mermaid Email Etiquette Cavalier Hotel Pool; Cavalier On The Hill; Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach; Hurricane Offshore Comparing Ordinary Wide to Tilt-Shift Wide
Another frame from Town Center Town Center; Virginia Beach, VA Palm Trees on Virginia Beach Hawaiian Pork BBQ Tubular Fabric Fashion and Dance Leaning Back In My Seat Bait Missle Launchers by SeaDoo?
Cozumel Underwater; Amy Guthrie Liking The Clouds Shark Cavern in Mexico Fun Car; Mini-Cooper Gold Shoes Red Shoes and Dress on White Underwater West Dancer Underwater; Blue Flowing Fabric
Lonely Cupcake Farm Worker Home in the Country Jellyfish Lake (Virginia) Peanut Farm Studio Peanut Packaging On Location The New Tail Arrives Just Cupcakes Tank Time - White Gown Underwater
Interesting Failure - Under/Over Bikini and Stingray Underwater Dance on a red rope New Just George's/Captain George's - Kill Devil Hills, NC Underwater Dance Dance Company Behind-The-Scenes Modern Dancers Underwater-Lips and Fabrics NY Dance Company in the Studio-Lingerie Underwater Lingerie
Underwater Fashion; Yellow-Gold/Hot-Pink Theme The Eyes Have It Light, Angles & Triangles; Lynnhaven Mall Atrium Water-based Ad Concept? Center of the Universe (as many artists know it) Could it be Mannequin Fever? Mannequin in Guerneville, CA Mannequin in Afternoon Light
Striplights and Gauze Tattoos and Piercings Yoga on the Dock; Early morning Long Black Lashes Shower Wall - Cozumel, Mexico Two blonds with studio wigs Wrapping Christmas Presents Teenagers in an Apple Store
Diver and Gorgonian Fan - Palau, Micronesia Mermaid Pair Experimenting with a stainless steel chair Mermaid Tail #4 Sweet Alice Hutchings - British Mermaid Palau, Micronesis - Jellyfish Lake Mermaid Palau, Micronesia - Hawkfish and Gorgonian Fan Princess Anne Country Club Golf Course 7th Hole
Dance Underwater Close-up II Underwater Dance NY Dance Company Underwater Underwater Dancer Close-up Yapese Mermaid Marilei Maifil Palau Pacific Resort Beach (Fisheye)  Palau Pacific Resort Beach (Panorama) Chinese Mermaid; Palau
Into each rain, some life must fall Betelnut Fix Palau Beach Umbrella Palau Pacific Resort Pool; early morning Continental Airlines Norfolk-Houston Everything's Peaches II Mermaid and Bathtub Underwater 9-11; working the black day 7 years ago
Everything's Peaches Java Surf Cafe Lunch; Russian J-1 visa-holder, Katya Comic Improv Personality, Lisa Cafiero Fishnet Stockings and Summer Sherman Trash The Dress; Virginie Leplus style Mermaid in the Shower Yellow Rain Gear and Malena Sharkey Mermaid Relaxation; Just Hang With A Photographer
Independence Day Parade - Thoroughgood Neighborhood Virginia Beach Pesky Red Converse Sneakers Found! Mermaid Laura Deas Model Lauren Paul Interesting People Series - Abbey Scott Underwater Scuba Barbie by Mattel Toys Shivers, Phocus and the Prop Column Red Shoes & Skirt Underwater
Food & Drinks at Just George's Sports Bar; Mojito Mermaid in the Reflection Pool again Avidyne/S-TEC Alliant glass flight deck in a 1987 King Air 200 aircraft Raindrops and Light Back in the pool Pool Girl Silver Chopper Grand Canyon and Colorado River
Don't take your guns to town, Son; Leave your guns at home, Bill... Underwater with Jane Russell; Howard Hughes Producer Arizona Cowboy Southwestern Arizona; Grand Canyon western rim Thinking Outside The Bowl Actor, Julius McCullough ASMP Board for 2008-2009 Sassafras Enterprises Dipping Oil
Wearin' the Green Aviation Fuel at ORF; 210,000 gallons per tank Mermaid in the Reflection Pool Under/Over (Underwater) at Lake Rawlings, VA Flower in the Moorea dress shop Mermaid in Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles Cargill, Incorporated; The Artistic Side; Bonaire, N.A. Cargill, Incorporated; Dry Solar Salt; Bonaire, N.A.
Gargill, Incorporated; Salt Pier; Boanire, N.A. Aircraft operation, maintenance and repair Iguana on Bonaire, Netherland Antilles Squid in mid-water, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles Mermaid in Slagbaai National Park; Bonaire, Netherland Antilles Carnival 2008; Bonaire, Netherland Antilles Excess Baggage Charges Blue Martini
 Kite Flying children on the Beach; Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA The TSA Lithium ion (Li-ion) issue Fishbowl/Underwater Scene Series - Seastar Botox? Parking on the Marina Dock Converse Red Shoe Session Underwater Majestic tree at dusk Second Childhood Free with Purchase
Mexican Palm Tree Bobbie and Elvis - Deep in the Caribbean Becca the Crepe Master Creperie - A place where crepes are made Hotel Cozumel Pool - Nighttime Sweet AGA Stove Hotel Cozumel Happy Holidays
Mask Work 2 Mask Work A Roman Gladiator in Virginia Beach Red Rock Canyon, Nevada Underwater Photographer Chris Crumley; No Camera Nice Man Desert Hot Springs, California-Behind The Scenes Desert Hot Springs, California
Desert Hot Springs, California Wendell's face, eyes, glasses, guitar and painted shirt Mojave Desert in the rain Eastern Shore of Virginia; early AM enroute Newark Cozumel Mexico - Windward (East) Side Mermaid in a Rainbow Rap Music Artist Kinetic and Liz Harlow Experimenting with Light and Optics Paso del Cedral Wall - Cozumel, Mexico
Underwater Sneaker Fashion (Converse); Red Theme Model and Rap Music Artist Liz Harlow Golfing; long putt in the morning dew Golfing Panorama Underwater again Back in the tank First Assistant Weapons Carla and the Tail; Again
Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes IV Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes III Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes II Golf & Boating Community Shoot - Behind The Scenes Tail Testing Warehouse Location II - Behind the Scenes Warehouse Location II Warehouse Location
Urban Cowgirl at Look3 Plastic Palm Tree Returns Mermaid Reflection II Virginia Beach Convention Center; Rainy Night Mermaid Reflection Aerial; Crystal Lake, Virginia Beach, VA Fashion Underwater II A Pirate's Eyes
A Girl's Eyes Fashion Underwater Behind the scenes Quiet on the set, please Virginia Beach Convention Center; the stop sign Paris - Self Portrait of Withdrawal Boys on Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, VA Socks - Mixed Colors
Cozumel, Mexico - Women of the Sea Cozumel, Mexico - Siren Cozumel, Mexico - Mermaid Cozumel, Mexico - Femme de la Mer Bonaire - Humpback Whale Bonaire - Red Slave Huts Another in the lingerie line Just the tail
Foggy Lake Sandy Toes I-264 Near The Oceanfront Mermaid - Mexico Shallow Water Mayan Temple Mermaid Food; Dessert Virginia Beach Convention Center Atrium Guitar with a history
Roller Skate America Plastic Palm Brevity and the Square Brevity and the Tower Girl on a log; Seashore Sepia Girl on a log; Seashore/First Landing State Park Red and black in the water Virginia Beach Convention Center
Liz and the blur Footbridge over marsh grass Scouting Seashore/First Landing State Park Crystal Lake Morning Fog Different Crab; this one underwater If not sharks, crabs, clams and oysters, then yoga If not sharks, then crabs, clams and oysters Experimenting with Fins and Leotard
Body Language Sharks - Moorea, French Polynesia Sharks - Apataki Tehere Pass, Tahiti Red Anemone - Truk Lagoon Massage Therapy - Palau Six Sharks Leeds Castle Grounds Big Red Ball as Yard Art
Kaday Village, Yap Colorful Curvy Repetition Truk Lagoon, San Francisco Maru Mines Rainy, Wet, Chilly, Bumpy Water TUSA "Dive in Color" Lake Trashmore Model Car Christina Macfarlane Mini Cheeseburger
Virginia Beach Convention Center Escalators Provencal Bread Dippers Anemone; Yamagiri Maru Red Rubber Cap Revisited Water Surface Food Underwater - Red Truck Wine Virginia Beach Convention Center SUV Back Window
Earth, Wined and Fire Mimicking Painted Walls Redskins Fan Red Rubber Cap Virginia Beach 5:57AM Golden Waterbottles Lake Rawlings Under/Over Plaza Azteca
Lynnhaven Inlet The Crypt Spinnaker Tower, UK  Sandbar - Grand Cayman Neptune's Wall - Grand Cayman Mandarin Fish - Male Only Palau - Vertical Wall
Palau - Ulong Channel Truk Lagoon, Sankisan Maru R2D2 Engine Order Telegraph ORF ORF Gretsch Guitar The Louvre, Paris
The Awakening Kiss Sea Ray Poster Child Mermaid Blur Mermaid and Christ of the Deep Urban Cowgirl Pacific Kelp Swimming Hole Doghouse Divers

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