September 12, 2017

Creative/personal work sessions, Dos Ojos II Cenote

Another in the creative/personal work sessions in July:

Model: Iara Mandyn
Wardrobe/MUA: Iara Mandyn
Location: Mexican Rivera, Yucatan Peninsula near Tulum, Dos Ojos II Cenote

No part of the cenote was harmed in the making of this picture -- with Iara Mandyn, Nauticam, Nauticam USA, Reef Photo & Video and Keldan Lights.


Exercising our creativity

During the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula Mini Mermaid Portfolio Workshop sessions we ventured off into Personal Work, Fantasy Fashion and other setups to exercise our creativity. Here's one of several:

Model: Iara Mandyn
Wardrobe: Iara Mandyn
Location: Dos Ojos II Cenote

Tech: Difficult Under/Over (HalfHalf, Split) in low light. Nauticam housed Canon EOS-5D Mk IV, 16-35mm f2.8 optic (at f16), ZenDome 230mm, Keldan 8M video lighting with uw/air balanced focus and lighting. -- with Iara Mandyn, Nauticam, Nauticam USA, Reef Photo & Video and Keldan Lights.


September 11, 2017

Imagine you're on a boat...

Imagine you're on a boat slowly crusing along over gorgeous clear warm aquamarine water over a shallow bottom. This isn't what you'd expect to see. Unless you're on a boat with Mermaid Portfolio Workshop peeps. :-)

Model: Corinna Herden
who also won the long distance travel award coming from Germany. Imagine the number of fluke strokes.
Location: Offshore Cozumel, Mexico -- with Mermaid Portfolio Workshop and Corinna Herden.


September 7, 2017

Mermaid in Dos Ojos II Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

I've said before...I'm fortunate to work with some of the most pleasant, positive, creative, talented people on the planet. Here's one of the most:

Model: Victoria Kicha Long (Mermaid Viktoria)
Location: Dos Ojos II Cenote, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Tech: Canon EOS-5D Mk IV, 16-35mm f2.8 III, Nauticam Underwater housing, Zendome 230mm dome port, Ikelite DS-161 strobes -- with Victoria Kicha, Nauticam, Nauticam USA, Mermaid Viktoria, Reef Photo & Video and Ikelite Underwater Systems.


Trolley Graveyard in Windber, PA

Finished a 900 mile road trip at 1AM yesterday. Partly to photograph some of the Trolley Graveyard in Windber, PA. Here's one of the cars.


August 24, 2017

Mini Mermaid Portfolio Workshop, Mexican Rivera/Yucatan Peninsula

Here's another of the photos from the Mini Mermaid Portfolio Workshop in the stalactite-rich cavern areas of cenotes of the Mexican Rivera/Yucatan Peninsula last month.

Model: Erin St Blaine Mermaid Glimmer @ErinFirePixie and her incredible lighted tail and top
Location: Dos Ojos II Cenote; 35 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 15 minutes north of Tulum off Route 307

Tech: Canon EOS-5D Mk IV, 16-35mm f2.8, Nauticam housing, 230mm ZenDome, Keldan 8M underwater video lighting. -- with Erin St Blaine, Mermaid Glimmer, Nauticam USA, Nauticam, Keldan Lights, Reef Photo & Video and Fire Pixie Entertainment.


August 16, 2017

New Model Underwater

Yesterday was scouting day for a Lake Lawson/Lake Smith institutional furniture shoot, then underwater in Cenote Crumley.

Model: Tiece King.

Tech: Canon EOS-5D Mk III, 11-24mm optic, Nauticam housing, off-camera Ikelite DS-161 strobes with optical triggers from Reef Photo & Video Ft Lauderdale. -- with Nauticam USA, Nauticam, Ikelite Underwater Systems and Reef Photo & Video.


August 14, 2017

No Myth; Oil

This was first of the "No Myth" series with Kristi Sherk -- with Kristi Sherk.


No Myth; Plastic Oceans

Another in the "No Myth" series; this one with Nicole Carter. -- with Nicole Carter.


No Myth; Sharks

Assistant Jackie Burwood and I are working on some "No Myth" PSA pieces using some of my marine life images and ideas and collaborations with like-minded mermaids. Here's one:


August 13, 2017

84th Street beach, Virginia Beach

End of day aerial scenic art at 84th Street beach, Virginia Beach, with David Haycox and Joy Tatem Haycox. Moon in upper left. Trash cans in perfect row in bottom right quarter. People like ants. Peaceful and quiet.

Tech: DJI Inspire 2, X5S gimbal/camera, 12mm f2.0 optic from 228' AGL (Above Ground Level)


August 10, 2017

Mermaid photoshoot for Virginia Pilot Interview

I've worked with some pretty incredible mermaids underwater the past 16 years. Most mermaids will know their names. Here is one of them shot during a newspaper interview day in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago.

Model: Nicole Carter

Tech: Hasselblad H5D-50cWiFi with 24mm f4.8 in a custom Nauticam housing made for Christopher Chandler (who so graciously loaned me the housing while he was on some extended work travel). Lighting was by bulletproof and ultra-reliable Ikelite DS-161 underwater strobes. Much of the gear from Reef Photo & Video, Ft Lauderdale, FL. -- with Nicole Carter, Hasselblad, Nauticam USA, Nauticam, Ikelite Underwater Systems and Reef Photo & Video.


July 29, 2017

Performer in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, Cenote Dos Ojos greeter-person in period native costume. Liked being around him. Dos Ojos is about 10 minutes north of Tulum and 35 minutes south of Playa del Carmen driving 80-100 k/h speed limits (roughly k/h x .6 is mph).


Hotel in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

On the bright side of things, Malena Sharkey and Robert Minnick found a small jewel of a hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the Hotel Luna Sol. Ashley Soltis lent her body to show the scale of the pool/breakfast area. -- with Ashley Soltis.


Jungle surrounding, Dos Ojos Cenote

Nice to be able to do an overview flight of the jungle surrounding part of the Dos Ojos Cenote without the constant harangue of the more typical Yucatan Peninsula cenote people when they see a camera or drone. We shot a lot of stuff in gin-clear Dos Ojos II. No crud in the water like others to the North.